What’s your adventure going to look like?

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PAD ADVENTURE.com is my foray into the blogging world as I attempt my own escape of a typical career (we all have our version), to do something I’m passionate about, contribute to society, improve the lives of others, tackle finances, promote financial independence and pursue happiness like a dateless cheerleader before prom.

That being said, it wasn’t always this way, in fact, it’s a continual work in progress.

I started with a mountain of crushing debt, the typical responsibilities of an urban harvest, kids, oh, and a bit of a nasty divorce to add to the financial frenzy.

With the application of a few simple principles and dedication I was able to reverse the tide of despair, and now giving it a go at doing something I love–something I feel directly contributes to others well being.

I think I have something tangible to bring to your experience.

I think I can bring value to your life maybe, even if it’s just some tidbit of advice here.

I started with, and am active with real estate investment. It has steadily developed into an excellent producer of passive income and is a great wealth building tool. My approach to it has been anything but steady…in fact, it’s been a bit of a wild ride!


Spacious master bath with gently used cleaning supplies


Foreclosures (check), trashed living areas (check), drug raid aftermath (check), stripper pole in a formal dining room (check), stumble upon a hastily covered crime (murder) scene (check), DIY disasters (check), people squatting in units (check, check).

On the career front, until a few years ago, I had spent the majority of my time in the military—which anyone who knows me would typically find amusing. I like to camp, not bivouac.

It provided a crash course in frugality, appreciation, and not taking yourself too seriously.  I also experienced enough to make me difficult to shake, and I approach life with the tenacity of a Navajo warrior.

I like to explore, not enforce.  Don’t get me wrong, that service is something I’m proud of and has provided numerous opportunities in my life—it’s also left me longing to explore new places constantly, without a gun or being told where I can or can’t go.


Who finds time to get a tan in Iraq? This guy.


It also led me to a great degree, from a great university to a great job in health care, one that intrinsically would seem to provide all I need, it’s in great demand, and provides what would seem to be great intrinsic reward.

Unfortunately it also takes me away too often from the people and things I truly enjoy. I have spent a large portion of my life being “away.”

I really felt I wanted more, to do things I truly enjoyed—so I’m bailing.

car pose

I want to help people get started on their own adventure towards financial freedom, independence, early retirement, or just give people good advice and entertainment with some value following my own.

I want to enjoy life and travel with the people I love, and ever so often jump on my adventure bike and get lost.  Literally.


That is what Pad Adventure is all about.

Doing something I believe in, doing something that brings value to other people’s lives.

It’s about doing and writing what I’m passionate about, a glimpse at some of my personal experiences.

I think I can add some value to your own experience, and maybe help in a small way to jumpstart your quest toward something better—whether it’s an article, insight, or a laugh or two—it’s on me.

car wild ride

So let’s sit back, grab a cold beverage, and see where this crazy ride takes us…I know I’m ready.

What’s your adventure going to look like?


cold beverage


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