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How crazy and tenacious are you in pursuit of your dream to rid yourself of consumer debt, build an emergency fund, accumulate savings, and start investing to secure your future?

It’s time to add a little refinement to Pad Adventure, make it more user friendly and pleasing to the eye–lest we lose a swath of the readership.

I need to post images of rich cups of coffee, luxurious textbooks, soft comfortable throw blankets and maybe a perfectly steeped cup of chai to avoid migration of the masses.




A candid photo of a child, a whippet hound (is there such a thing?) or a couple on a Sunday stroll on white sand beaches would make padadventure appeal to the masses.


advantage dogs


Would it be wrong to pull some wholesome family pictures off of the internet and show how I made a pair of shoes for my virtual kids from banana peels and corn husks?

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