RENTAL INCOME EXPOSED!–The Pad Adventure Personal Glimpse (Ep. 4)

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Howdy, and welcome to my blog.

If you haven’t deciphered things to this point, I’ll break it down for you.

You’re probably not going to find much great writing, blogging, tech skills, or really great “anything” for that matter on this site.

personal pic
This is me, an Arrogant Bastard, standing close to the edge.

I can’t even promise that the links on my site will work.

If they do, it’s the wonder of wordpress, technology, widgets, plug ins, magic, and all that other stuff I have no clue about.

With that said, what I can promise is some interesting stories and a candid no-holds-barred insider’s view to rental real estate.


I’ll also throw in some financially related articles from my own perspective as well.

It is through these principles that I am heading down the road from despair to Financial Independence, and if I can help someone else out with an idea or two, all the better.

I don’t make mistakes, I make spectacular mistakes—this makes for good learning. Painful for me, great for you.

If you were wondering, yes, it’s a napkin and electrical tape.

I started out with a mountain of crushing debt and no clue about how to change it. Though some helpful books and blog posts, which I will frequently reference, I reversed the tide of despair and it changed my life.

I am honestly convinced it saved my life actually.

It’s not a one time thing either.  It’s something you must apply and actively consider every day.  The struggle is real, but I’ve never felt better.

I have a good job that pays six figures. I have a good degree from a good university and my profession sees continual job growth—and what’s more, I enjoy my job.  Usually.

Did I mention this job also never required me to write?

In spite of this, I’m bailing to do the things I enjoy even more, and to have the time to do them.

Life is short. I want mine to be an adventure.  Every. Day.


During my pursuit of financial stability and independence, I endured an onslaught of obstacles in the beginning, and looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking to be able to press forward.

I hope my story will end up inspiring or motivating—but like I told you, I suck at writing, so it may just fall flat. We’ll see.

If you’re worried about feeling like you can’t get to any level of financial independence or can’t get out of debt—Don’t.  Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can…ANYONE.

If you’re worried your potential portfolio won’t stack up, I got you covered there too.

I am currently investing in POS houses. Good returns and I improve them, but at the end of the day, I’m not beaming when I drive past them.

I think the correct description would be, “what the hell was I thinking?”

You gotta start somewhere.  And that brings me to the most important part…


So let’s do this.

Thanks again for joining me on my journey.  I hope to hear about your own soon.

Post Blog brew:

personal aleYep, Arrogant Bastard (dripping with irony), an American Strong Ale.  Plus there’s enough to consider sharing.  Nah, on second thought, I flunked kindergarten.  Twice.

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