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This section, although depicted as a Month to Month, blow by blow accounting of the numbers, adventures and trials, will start in a retroactive manner, initially, then catch up to present day.

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I don’t want it to affect the integrity of what I’m posting, and I feel I have taken meticulous notes, photos, and documentation, to make it a worthwhile read, even still.

The positives are that the information is still relevant, and that potentially each article will not take a full month to post.

The reader will still get the experience and information they seek, and I think it’ll be quite entertaining along the way.


I decided to go this route as the start up is nearly more informative
than anything that follows to the potential buy and hold investor, landlord, or casual reader.

This approach will also allow me to show the processes I’ve used, their evolution, and their results.

I make the right mistakes to make this thing informative, and invest in the right areas to keep this thing interesting.

I’ll omit all the number crunching GRM, Cap Rate, property search criteria, process, etc, except where they apply to one of my properties, or a relevant target property.


Am I an expert?  Absolutely not.  You’ll definitely see that here.

Even better, no one should leave here with an inferiority complex–definitely not as a writer, blogger, investor, or landlord–anything really.

I could also spend a little more time editing and juicing things up, and I’ll try–no promises.

If you want an article covering any of the technical areas listed above, let me know and I’d be happy to write one up.

Here we go.

‘Genesis’ blog post beer:


None other than Chimay Grand Reserve, a powerful dark ale that boasts nice ABV.

We need a brew such as this to kick this thing off right, and we’re also going to need the high ABV going in.  Let’s do this, but not right away, this is one to savor.


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