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How crazy and tenacious are you in pursuit of your dream to rid yourself of consumer debt, build an emergency fund, accumulate savings, and start investing to secure your future?

It’s time to add a little refinement to Pad Adventure, make it more user friendly and pleasing to the eye–lest we lose a swath of the readership.

I need to post images of rich cups of coffee, luxurious textbooks, soft comfortable throw blankets and maybe a perfectly steeped cup of chai to avoid migration of the masses.




A candid photo of a child, a whippet hound (is there such a thing?) or a couple on a Sunday stroll on white sand beaches would make padadventure appeal to the masses.


advantage dogs


Would it be wrong to pull some wholesome family pictures off of the internet and show how I made a pair of shoes for my virtual kids from banana peels and corn husks?


shoe of advantage


How about accentuating the wholesome gluten free, free-range nature of my blog?  I could also encase my posts in weathered-leather textured granite and rare Italian slate-travertine-goodness.

Man, I feel like my head is spinning—and I have no clue what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, I deal with shithole craziness (industry term) as real estate investments–it’s part of the path to my own personal Independence Day.

It’s the kind of real estate where a concealed handgun license and proven firearm with good “put-the-guy-down” ammunition are as important as staging skills, or market knowledge.

The type where street smarts are important as developed interviewing skills.

Is it the type I want to be involved with?


But I’m willing to do what it takes.  I’m willing to work harder, longer, and commit more to the pursuit of my dream than most.

I’m willing to do what most others wouldn’t even consider.

These traits are my UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.  

They take the level playing field and turn it on its head.  


These traits make competition irrelevant, and allow me to concentrate on my own unconscious attempts to sabotage my efforts, THE ONLY THING that could possibly derail my success.

Yup, I do shit that frugal people will appreciate, like crawling into a pitch black 190 degree attic to string Romex wire amongst live, unshielded knob and tube wire from the 1920s–instead of paying someone to do it for me.

Like learning a 220 Volt circuit the hard way.

Or blasting away at a plumbing project at two in the morning with only a fading flashlight as a helper (compliments of Pad Jr.).

–and it’s not just about real estate, or dividend or index investing, saving or anything specific, it’s about the way we all go about chasing our goals.

Yup, that’s what the explorers and adventurers want, and that’s what I’ll give them. I actually don’t know any better, and I don’t care.

I can only stomach the first 10 seconds of a YouTube “how to” video before deciding I’m a master electrician or master “whatever.”

Is it smart?  Fuck no, even I know that.

I have a problem where once I start a project, I’ll fall over from exhaustion before I think to hang it up for the night, and start anew the next morning.

Screw that, I’d rather blast through, half ass it, force it, wrap tape, slap JB Weld and whatever else I can get my dirty slashed up hands on–whatever it takes.

Ben Franklin, one of our founding frugal MoFo’s put it best if you can’t write, do something to write about.

I, obviously, chose the latter–hell yeah!

PadAdventure is about taking life and finances by the reigns, and wresting it to the ground, despite what you think you’re capable ofor even actually capable of.

It’s about “reducing life to its smallest terms, then sucking the marrow out” as another frugal badass, HD Thoreau put it so succinctly a few years back in his unparalleled web log “Walden.”

PadAdventure is about making it happen, even if things go awry for a bit.  It’s not bitching about things being hard, or that you can’t do it because of ___________________**

**insert whatever lame ass excuse you’ve come up with.

It’s about not giving up and going out and making the life we want, for ourselves and the people we love.

I don’t care who you are or what your approach is, but you all have a little padadventure in you…it may just be a little more refined, clean, and wholesome…

if only from the outside looking in.

What are the things that you do, the lengths you go and sacrifices you make to get to where you are going? 

WHAT IS YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE?  What trait(s), skills, or attributes do you possess that guarantee your success–no matter what life throws your way in the process?

Identify your MoFo badness and give yourself some credit!  Then get back in the game and shame your former self.  Every day.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE?”

  1. Not going to lie. This may be one of the funniest posts I have read while actually getting something out of it. It made me think about the personality traits and circumstances that give me an unfair advantage and how I can put them to full use. Everybody has them, and it is in our best interests to take advantage of our own personally advantages.
    Larry Green recently posted…Path To Financial IndependenceMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the comment!! Everyone has their own “advantage”…it’s finding out what it really is and then exploiting it to it’s fullest potential. Thanks for stopping by and glad you got something out of it!

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